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The additional tool barXprint is part of the basic DMS series and ensures quick and easy printing of forms and labels. barXprint like getXpdf offers an quick, on keyboard button, response with printing barcode with selected value from any windows application. Also barXprint can be used for printing sheet of barcode labels or serial number on laber printer.

Printing is triggered with a single keyboard button click. barXprint works with all printers supported by Microsoft® Windows Operating System.

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Automatize your procedures
It will take image output (.jpg, .gif, .tif, ....) and automatically generate PDF file with this image as a context and name the PDF file by the contents of a barcode found and recognized on image output.

It generates PDF file and names it with barcode value
Ideal purposes would be using it for Work Orders, Shipping Documents, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Check Stubs or any other document that could be searched for by a reference number and needs to be batch processed.

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Stop searching, keep working
At the core of getXpdf is a simple user interface which means you only need to highlight the filename in any windows application and press “Alt + F5” to either find and open an individual document or open a pop-up window with your search results.

Get your time
When working with documents, finding the file you are looking for can become pretty time consuming. With getXpdf you can quickly and easily find any pdf document from its file name at the push of a button on your keyboard.

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