S3 file manager

The S3 File Manager GUI within the Spryker Backoffice offers seamless integration with Amazon's S3 service, enabling users to effortlessly upload, download, and delete files from their chosen S3 Bucket. This intuitive interface provides advanced file browsing capabilities, surpassing the default case-sensitive filters of Amazon S3. Our enhanced filter accommodates various user inputs, including uppercase, lowercase, and first-letter-uppercase variations, ensuring a more efficient and user-friendly file management experience.

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Reports (bfx)

BladeFX is a comprehensive reporting solution designed to enhance operational efficiency and decision-making for businesses using the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS. With flexible implementation models and pricing plans, BladeFX caters to various business sizes, offering robust report designing, mobile accessibility, and support for multiple report layouts and formats. Its seamless integration with Spryker and user-friendly interface streamline the reporting process, reduce operational costs, and improve overall productivity.

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Data offloading

The Product Catalogue Orchestrator addresses the challenges of efficiently processing large datasets within Spryker Cloud Commerce OS. By implementing enhanced data processing methods through the Data Importer and Data Publisher components, this solution improves performance and reliability. It refines error handling, increases processing efficiency, and ensures scalability, catering to enterprise-level businesses with extensive data processing needs

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